Thursday, December 31, 2015

A list of potential cryptocurrency variants

Hearing about Bitcoin has given me a number of great ideas for Cryptocurrencies. As we all know, Bitcoin has an inflation rate that cuts in half every four years, which has led to the most stable currency valuation since Zimbabwe's. But why not try a few other options:

  1. VanishCoins. The inherently deflationary currency. Instead of new coins being mined, the existing coins disappear at random intervals spread out over a year. Spend them fast or they're gone! Or hoard the remaining ones until they're worth millions.
  2. MarkCoin. The inherently stable currency system. There is only one coin in the network. Exactly one. It can not be divided. You can spend it on any merchant that accepts the MarkCoin. The exchange rate is expected to be infinite.
  3. PonziCoin. You can only purchase a Ponzi coin if you commit to buying two more Ponzi coins at a future date at a slight markup. It's the pyramid scheme you can play all by yourself. 
  4. SpeculativeInvestmentCoin. The SICoin is not permissible as legal tender anywhere and makes no pretenses of having an exchange rate. In fact, you can't even purchase an SICoin. You can only buy exotic derivatives that fluctuate in price as the SICoin itself does. Why does its value change? Who knows! Who cares!
  5. RandCoin. On any given day your wallet has an equal chance of increasing by 10% or decreasing by 10%.
  6. FullFaithAndCreditCoin. The money supply is controlled entirely by me. Will I inflate it? Will I deflate it? How well do you think you know the man behind the curtain?
  7. MathCoin. Transactions using MathCoin can only occur in powers of two. You can trade 2, 4, 8, 16 Mathcoins etc, but nothing in between. You can only send one MathCoin transaction out per day. Liquidity is expected to be an issue.
  8. CloneCoin. At the moment of its inception, one CloneCoin is issued to everyone who owns a bitcoin, then the network continues in parallel. Which is worth more? Are they philosophically identical? Does it have free will?
  9. USDollarCoin. Accepted in vending machines and ignored nationwide.
  10. PokeCoin. Each coin comes in 151 possible flavors of collectible goodness. Gotta mine 'em all!


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